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Sometimes, there's no alternative to downloading a terabyte of data from an FTP or HTTPS source. When the source download speed is 5 MB/s (looking at you, NCBI RefSeq and EMBL!), the transfer takes days – a long time to keep your laptop up and running.

transfer moves files from any supported input location to any supported output location. It runs in the background, meaning you don't need to keep your laptop or server running during transfer.

Function Call


Function Arguments

Argument Description
inputs Path to a file that will be passed in as input. All formats supported by ffmpeg are allowed. The files can be a local or remote, see Using Files.
output_path (optional) Path (directory) to where the output files will be downloaded. The path can be a local or remote, see Using Files.
is_async Whether to run the job asynchronously. By default, this is true. If you set this to false, the Toolchest command will wait to exit until the transfer is complete. See Async Runs for more.