R Installation

Installing and Updating Toolchest

You can install the Toolchest R package from GitHub with:

install.packages("devtools") # skip if devtools is already installed
devtools::install_github("trytoolchest/toolchest-client-r", dependencies = TRUE)

Re-run the command to update to the latest version of Toolchest.


R dependencies

The R client requires the reticulate package, version 1.25 or greater. If not already installed, reticulate will be installed along with the Toolchest package.


The R client requires a version of Python 3.6 or greater. A compatible version will automatically be installed via miniconda or pyenv, using reticulate.


Updating reticulate

Some compatibility errors may occur during installation if reticulate is out-of-date. Check the package version:


If this is not 1.25 or greater, update the package with:


Contact Toolchest if installation errors persist.

What’s Next

Once that's done, you can start running Toolchest jobs:

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